Debora Vrizzi (Italy)

Duration: 15′ 00″

Debora the Astronaut floats in space. After a turbulence, she awakens in a familiar but transfigured domestic environment: she finds it difficult to recognize it, because everything has been transformed. Here she finds two aliens, the Mother and the Grandmother. They begin a telepathic conversation about their lives, sexuality and motherhood, revealing the fear of discovering something about themselves and their desires, culturally accustomed to an attitude of passive obedience and rules that should not be discussed. Through an experimental narration between documentary and fiction, “Maris B653” tells a real, intimate and familiar experience, in which the socio-cultural bond runs through the lives of three generations of mothers. Maris, which in the Friulian language means mothers, is also the name of the Polar Star, guide and reference for travellers. 653 are the kilometres that separate Rome, the city where Debora lived for many years, and her hometown where her mother and grandmother still live today.


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