The events held in the Sala della Ragione (Asolo) are all free of charge.

Teatro Duse (Castello Cornaro – Asolo)

  • Wednesday 14/06: Free admission
  • Thursday 15/06: Daily admission €10.00
  • Friday 16/06: Daily admission €10.00
  • Saturday 17/06: Daily admission €10.00
  • Sunday 18/06: Daily admission €10.00

The DAILY admission allows you to participate in all screenings and events of the day, with two included check-ins to allow you to leave the theater during the evening intermission.

The DUSE subscription grants access to the event every day and has no check-in limits.

Only by purchasing a ticket or the DUSE subscription from the website (other sales channels are not valid), you will receive free access for 20 days to the online platform where you can review all the competing works starting from Monday, June 19.

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