Elia Romanelli (Italy)

Duration: 1 03′ 00″

Venice is a tiny urban center that has forgotten its identity for at least a hundred years. Beautiful and romantic on the big and small screen, problematic and hopeless in reality. Very famous in the world and at the same time almost without citizens, it lives more in its reproductions around the world than in its own life. It is a 1,600-year-old factory-sized ghost town visited by about 30 million tourists every year.
133 cities around the world have the same name, as do thousands of businesses, including ice cream shops, pizzerias, spas, hotels and more.
Venice struggles to remember itself, struggles not to disappear in the rising tides, while the world imitates and multiplies it on all continents, distant and detached from its historic centre.
After John Ruskin, Thomas Mann and Luchino Visconti decreed her death, the casinos of Las Vegas, Macau and Disneyworld offer her a second life, a second chance.


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