Lucio Scarpa & Simone Derai (Italy)

Duration: 1 11′ 00″

Does it make sense to stage a Baroque opera in 2022? And even make a movie out of it?
There is a profound artistic motivation; a theme on which we have been working for years and which, after the pandemic, is of absolute urgency; how can you bring the live show to the screen?
Whether it is an opera or a theatrical piece, it changes little; in this historical moment it is essential to innovate the way to bring Theater to the screen. Directing a show as if it were a football match may be acceptable for a live event but it is absolutely not acceptable for asynchronous viewing.
We didn’t want to bring a show to the screen, we turned the show into a movie.
The second reason, much more important, is the theme of the show. The Opera “Las Incas du peròu” talks about the conquistadors and the Incas. But when we read the “libretto” we thought of Auschwitz, Ukraine, Myanmar…
The theme is not the Conquistadores and Incas, but the destruction of a people and a culture. Which happened 500 years ago and is repeated today.


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