Francesca Lolli & Bruno Bigoni (Itay)

Duration: 54′ 00 ”

Three Women, by Sylvia Plath is a poem for three voices, originally conceived as a radio drama. The three voices that belong to three women sharing the same motherhood experience speak but do not respond to each other. The dialogue is not between them, but between each one and their own conscience, alternating in a confessional story of their own experience.
The first entry is that of a housewife who wants and has a child. It is apparently the happiest, most natural and simple story, but it too is inevitably overshadowed by subtle fears.
The second voice is that of an employee. She is waiting for the child she wants, but who she loses, this time like other times. The return home and the refuge at work will not heal the wound and the feeling of abnormality and incapacity.
The third voice is that of a student who rejects the idea of ​​motherhood, but who nevertheless carries the pregnancy to term, only to then abandon the fruit. Even for her, returning to everyday life is difficult and serenity difficult to regain.


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