Giulio Latini (Italy)

Duration: 10′ 34″

Between visible and invisible, the signs, faces, bodies of the shipwreck of yesterday and today short-circuit in a single sorrowful portrait of the sinking of meaning. Where the wood of the Cross and the boards of a drifting raft merge in the latitudes and longitudes of now useless geographical maps. But the ultimate custody of the human is not yet that of darkness.
The Last Shipwreck draws its main inspiration from the painting Le Radeau de la Méduse (1819) by Jean-Louis Théodore Géricault. A painting, in turn, inspired by a tragic episode that occurred in early July 1816: off the Senegalese coast, a raft twenty meters long and seven meters wide, built with the remains of the French navy frigate “Medusa”, was deliberately abandoned at the mercy of the strong currents of the ocean with its cargo stacked beyond belief of 152 men.


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