Tseng Yu Chin (Taiwan)

Duration: 10′ 00″

Each person is an individual sensory being. From the environment, sensory information enters the body, creating a feedback that manifests in the individual’s body language and facial expression. The individual’s resistance against collective homogenization is where one experiences existence in its philosophical sense, the reaction of the “I” carving on the body. Truth is oftentimes unrelated to what is documented, but found in the traces left on the body that is the witness of one’s existence. My work points out that the bilateral gaze between society and the self is akin to the back-and-forth of philosophical debates. It also questions the concept of painterliness and de-aestheticization in the contemporary image. My work oftentimes resemble that of a theatrical setting, sometimes it is a documentary paraphrase (as opposed to metaphrase) of everyday-life events. It uses video, installation, or photography to represent a slice of an event, a slice of everyday life, or even a slice of a body. One could interpret the work as the cross-section of a certain texture, which is part of the process of combing through its totality.


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