Arianna Tota (Italy)

Duration: 5′ 00″

Inner Memory ”A story of friendship that teaches us to look beyond the instant, to point the lens at others and not only at ourselves, to focus on the whole, to adjust to longer exposure times and let the light in. An unprecedented viewpoint on Alzheimer’s, an intense and refined tale that highlights, among the many digital devices to which we entrust our memories and emotions, the only one that never betrays. Infinite storage space, fed by palpitations, and constantly being updated. The heart, our internal memory.’ Cutty is an SLR camera travelling the world with her best friend and owner Annabelle, a young girl who loves to travel and document all her journeys, with Cutty’s invaluable help. During one of her many trips, Cutty falls out of Annabelle’s hands and damages her internal memory: all her memories vanish. Cutty is replaced by a new generation SLR camera and at home he falls into total despair, until he meets his elderly neighbour Lucille who helps her not to give up, teaching her to draw and paint every memorable moment. A great friendship develops between the two. When Annabelle returns from one of her many trips and discovers Cutty’s new talent, she decides to take her with her on a trip around the world, but Cutty notices through the window that Lucille is in full crisis, she is lost, with no memory, Lucille has Alzheimer’s. Cutty decides not to leave and to stay by Lucille’s side to help her as he did with her when she was ill, teaching her how to draw and paint in every precious moment, and to remind her every day of the value of their great friendship. Because what we are and the love we give remain stored in the inner memory of the heart.


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