Davide Pepe (Italy)

Duration: 7′ 16″

If You Could See With God’s Eyes is an open project. It is comprised of a series of film installations based on urban landscapes and the viewing of the actual space itself observed from a timeless dimension. From this point of view the vista is explored as if there was no time. In other words, the discrete interval of shooting time, usually over the 24 hours, occurs simultaneously in each frame. This extra-ordinary perspective gives the viewer the possibility to see the evolution of the light, during the interval of the filming time, for each single part of the landscape. Watching these films will allow the viewer to cross the actual space itself as if she/he was living in a timeless dimension. The spatial exploration of the urban landscape, observed from the timeless dimension, will present to the eye of the viewer a continually evolving pictorial image. Each film is created using a special filming technique combined with a C# program I have specifically developed for the manipulation of the images. All the films created with this technique have a peculiarity: time ceases to exist.


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