Mali Weil (Italy)

Duration: 1 14′ 00″

Forests tells the story of a long-forgotten relationship: that between forests and the West, and how something so important that it still influences our lives today has risen from it.

Forests are everywhere in the Western imagination.
Perhaps because many things have happened in the forest: some have to do with law, others with language. All of them with relationships.
Forests | An evocation is a tale, a fiction. But it is also a ritual able to overturn the categories through which we think of the world, of our relationships and the political space in which we — all kinds of “us” — exist.

Mali Weil’s first feature film -part of a larger project about “Forests”- collects the legacy of three years of research on the legal relationships that the West maintains – and has always had – with the physical and conceptual space of the forest.
It is a long journey across languages and formats, made of 2 performances, essays and articles, an audio installation, a design collection, a three-channels video and a visual series of flags. All these elements have given shape to both the visual and the narrative backbone of this philosophical tale.
Forests | An evocation is a film, but it’s also and foremost an experience conceived to see and dream differently.


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