Yu Weng (China)

DuratIon: 12′ 15″

Autism’s Eyes, this work photographed 21 autistic people’s eyes, and recorded their current moments. The work simply shows and amplifies autistic traits that seems abnormal and bizarre. Autism is usually considered to be a mental disability, but this recognition is one-sided. This work hopes to comprehension by staring at these eyes, emphasizing the drama brought by the gaze. Approximately 1 in 160 children worldwide is diagnosed with autism. In China, however, the number of people with autism has exceeded 10 million. At odds with this is the fact that most of us do not know about autism and have never met someone with autism. They may have language and communication disorders, emotional management disorders and odd physical behavior, or stereotypical behavior and dullness. However, they retain the most innocent side of human nature, they reveal the pure optimistic and enthusiastic, happy and positive. We recorded the faces of 21 autistic people, hoping to have more comprehension of them by gazing at them.


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