Killian DellersĀ (Switzerland)

Duration: 6′ 00″

The picture was taken with an analog Normal 8 camera.
After development, it was not cut lengthwise. Now you can see two film images on top of each other, left side up and right side down.

As an artist, I seek the impossible. I make collages or I use multiple exposures of images: several details in the same image describe a specific mood. By collaging several image fragments into one picture, an organic-looking something emerges in the movement and change, a pulsating whole that makes an inner cultural landscape appear similar to nature.
With a camera moving up and down, I change the meaning.
A to dark motive I shoot several times with a mounted camera and give a flickering expression to it.

Wild flowers in winter or the surface of the stars. An afternoon with a person. A resting tree becomes dynamic.
Threatening backdrops. Self portraits in different times of the day, moods.


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