Orla Connoly & Jens Weber (Germany)

Duration: 1 26′ 50″

Architecture photographer Jens Weber and portrait photographer Orla Connolly, joined forces with composer Wolfram Oettl, to create a non-narrative documentary film, contemplating architecture.

Seven international architects, Hans Engel, John Pawson, Wilhelm Huber, Frank Lattke, Alen Jasarevic, Staab Architecs and Christoph Mäckler were commissioned by the Siegfried und Elfriede Denzel Foundation, to build seven chapels along the bike trails of the Swabian Danube Valley.

This film is a meticulous visual study of these chapels. An observation of the intrinsic qualities of architecture and how structures elicit reactions from people and nature in the surrounding area. The film’s aesthetic is defined by the precise composition of each frame. The primary focus is on the architecture, allowing passiv observation of intermittent, random interactions between people, nature and the structures. Often observing the complexities of the human thought process and micro events – where people swiftly switch between practical thoughts of trying to understand the structure, to transient existential moments. These moments – banal, subliminal, spiritual and even funny – are enhanced, given gravitas, even appear surreal, through the accompaniment of the minimalistic meditative music.

The music is played on a fortepiano that has been especially tuned in what is known as „just intonation“. These integer-number frequencies have been implemented since Pythagoras in Philosophy, theology and music theory, as a portrayal of the cosmic harmony.

The distinct aesthetic of the film with long takes, combined with music, draws the viewer in, evoking a near trance like state, in the spirit of slow cinema.

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