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Toulouse-Lautrec, Racing through life

Categoria : Feature films on Art

Regia: Gregory Monro
Paese: Francia
Lingua: Francese
Sottotitoli: Inglese
Anno: 2020
Durata: 1:01:19

Produzione: Emmanuelle DUGNE
Sceneggiatura: Gregory Monro

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He is the most famous poster artist, virtuoso of line and movement. Prolific drauwer and
painter, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec produced before his tragic death at 36 years no less
than 737 paintings, 275 watercolors, 369 lithographs and posters and more than 4,700
drawings. Endowed with an overflowing energy, surpassing his handicap, it was in
cabarets, theaters, living places and with his loved ones that he found his inspiration,
breaking with the tradition of middle-class painting. Ahead of its time, he reinvents
painting, the art of the poster and opens the way to modern advertising.