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Categoria : Feature films on Art

Regia: Amine Hattou
Paese: Germania
Lingua: Francese,Arabo
Sottotitoli: Inglese

Produzione: Thomas Kaske Boualem Ziani - Amine Hattou - Supported by International Media Support from Rasmus Steen Institut Francais Algerie Friedrich Ebert Stiftung
Produzione esecutiva: Claire Mazeau-Karoum Tawfik Rays
Sceneggiatura: Amine Hattou
Con: Mehdi Adjaoud Mabrook Ait Amara Mehdi Boucharef Naima Boucharef Lyes Dehliz Zahia Dehliz Outamazirt Fazil Hakim Amine Hattou Aziza Hattou Maammar Majid Meddour « Patty » Mustapha
Montaggio: Anita Perez - Sonia Ahnou Samy Zertal
Musica: "17-Tape 27 Track 5" Composed & Produced by Ahmed Malek Editing, Additional Composition and Production by Flako The Electronic Tapes (Habibi FUNK 009) "Qriba o B'ida" Written by Zeina Azouqah Performed by Zazuka, Matthias Haffner and Liv Solveig
Suono: Gabor Ripli - All Akli Samy Zertal - Dialogue: Thomas Kaske

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A Bollywood film became an unexpected sensation all over Algeria in the 80s. Following the nostalgia of this love story, “Janitou” explores what love means in today’s Algerian society and explores the emotional identity of a traumatized generation.