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Categoria : Danza

Regia: Sergio Racanati
Paese: Italia
Lingua: Italiano
Anno: 2019
Durata: 28'10''

Produzione: Capta
Con: Cucco Cristian
Musica: Kinki von Berlinki

Gurda Film


Sergio Racanati’s DARKNESS film investigates our ecological hypotheses in a provocative and deeply involving way trying to develop a new vocabulary for the coding of “environmentalismusing the maximum drift of capitalism to trace and highlight the new possible variations of a discourse on ecology .
The filmic structure is the staging of a process of construction and de-construction of the collective and shared imagination of contemporary apocalypses in which the artist Sergio Racanati alternates the clothes of the ethnographer, political activist, shaman, but without never wear those of Cassandra who watches the events from above, bringing the apocalypse back to its literal meaning: revelation of meaning.