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Burden Halved

Categoria : Danza

Regia: Kitty McNamee
Paese: Stati Uniti
Anno: 2018
Durata: 8'23''

Produzione: The Yellow Room

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Four dancers, alone and each bearing their own unique burdens, find comfort when their isolated experiences converge in a lush, emotionally fulfilling exchange. The film is scored by FLEA with wearable sculptures created by internationally acclaimed artist Lara Schnitger. The first half of the film exists outside – we see each solitary dancer (first Reshma, then Raymond, Derek and Zak) moving in the same urban environment. Zak, on the verge of collapse, runs through a deserted street leading us to Reshma, now sequestered in a vacant space, confined to a small cell of light. The dancers remain isolated until Zak and Reshma come together in a brief moment of intimacy as the burden, embodied by Lara Schnitger’s raw sculptural backpack, is exchanged. As the burden is shared, halved, removed, the dancers each in their individual cells of light experience a moment of lush release, separate yet together. We reluctantly leave as we began with the solitary image of Reshma yearning to connect again.